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Come to meetings and events

See our Announcements page for information about upcoming meetings, other events of interest, and community actions needed over time.

Write letters

Bryce Bradford, Western Meadowlark (CC BY-NC-ND_2.0)

Bryce Bradford, Western Meadowlark, Hygiene (CC BY-NC-ND_2.0)

Send an email to:
Dale Case, Boulder County Land Use Director ( and Robert Haigh, Planner, Boulder County Land Use Department (; cc Elise Jones, Board of Boulder County Commissioners  ( Make sure  you request that your letter be included in Docket SU-96-18.

  • In may be helpful to bear in mind Boulder County’s Open Space Conservation statement: “The county has shown a dedication to preserving and maintaining its open space. Protecting open lands remains a core value of the government today. By providing activities, events and services that engage the community in open space conservation and recreation, Boulder County helps to ensure that critical wildlife habitats, farms and areas for recreation will be around for generations to come.”

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S.O.S.V.V. welcomes contributions via PayPal (note that a PayPal account is not required). Donations to our non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization are tax-deductible. Funds are used for operating expenses in support of our mission to advocate for the environmental protection and conservation of the geologically unique and historic St. Vrain Valley, and its healthy development for residents, wildlife, visitors, and future generations.

Spread the word

Bryce Bradford, Barn Swallow (CC BY-NC-ND_2.0)

Bryce Bradford, Barn Swallow, Hygiene (CC BY-NC-ND_2.0)

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