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Speak Out Against the Shooting Range at Cemex Quarry

The Town of Lyons Board of Trustees will meet tonight to discuss whether or not to issue a letter to Boulder County and Cemex opposing a shooting range at the Cemex quarry just east of Lyons, at the intersection of highways 36 and 66.

Stand with SOSVV in opposition to the shooting range and encourage the Town of Lyons Board of Trustees to issue a letter to oppose the gun range.

When: May 20, 2019,  7:00 pm

Where: Town of Lyons, Council Chambers

Email the Lyons Board of Trustees

Questions and concerns about Cemex’s intentions to extend operations beyond the expiration of their permit for an additional 25 years can be submitted to the Lyons Board of Trustees.

Connie Sullivan (, Barney Dreistadt (, Juli Waugh (, Mike Karavas (, Wendy Miller (, Mark Browning (, Jocelyn Farrell (

Sign the petition

Do you live in Colorado? Do you oppose Martin Marietta’s proposed gravel mining operation in the St. Vrain Valley? Please sign our petition at Care2 Petitions!

“A proposed 640-acre open pit gravel mine on the St Vrain River west of Hygiene, CO was approved by Boulder County Land Use. The mining operation will have a direct & substantial adverse impact for decades on the surrounding ecosystem and its critical riparian wildlife corridor, as well as on St Vrain Valley residents and visitors (cyclists, hikers, birders, etc). We request that Martin Marietta Materials/Mining Co. forego mining under Special Use 96-18 & Lyons Pit Permit M-1974-015, and contribute its mineral holdings and land to Boulder County Parks & Open Space for protection and preservation forever.”

If you need a refresher on what’s at stake, have a look at SOSvv’s 2018 media kit, or browse the Background and Concerns sections of our website.

Raise Awareness

We need your help reaching more people about proposed mining in the valley. Yard signs and tee-shirts are an SOSvv fundraiser and the suggested donation is $25 each, plus any additional contribution you wish to make. Proceeds will go toward covering costs for more signs and tee-shirts, plus helping cover the other costs we are incurring in our work (printing, mailings, legal counsel, etc.). Each sign measures 18 x 24 with a ground stake. See the graphic to the right, at the top of our sidebar menu.

There are currently two ways to acquire them: Pick them up at the The Mountain Fountain in Hygiene (17th & 75th), Redstone Liquor in Lyons (138 Main St.), or Cheese Importers in Longmont (103 Main St.). Tee shirts are available at The Mountain Fountain and The Stone Cup Cafe in Lyons.


Click on our donation button:  The minimum donation for a yard sign or tee-shirt is $25 each, and you can contribute more if you like. Important: In the “Add comment or note” section please enter your phone number, address, and include the words “yard sign” or “tee-shirt and size.” We will contact you to arrange a convenient time to deliver your sign to you. Your donation is tax-deductible donation.

Tell your community, Boulder County, and Martian Marietta Materials how you feel about mining in the St. Vrain Valley with an eye-catching sign!

Come to meetings and events

See our Announcements page for information about upcoming meetings, other events of interest, and community actions needed over time.

Write letters

Bryce Bradford, Western Meadowlark (CC BY-NC-ND_2.0)

Bryce Bradford, Western Meadowlark, Hygiene (CC BY-NC-ND_2.0)

Send an email to the Boulder County Land Use Department:
Dale Case, Boulder County Land Use Director ( and Christian Martin, Planner  ( Make sure you request that your letter be included in Docket SU-96-18.

  • In may be helpful to bear in mind Boulder County’s Open Space Conservation statement: “The county has shown a dedication to preserving and maintaining its open space. Protecting open lands remains a core value of the government today. By providing activities, events and services that engage the community in open space conservation and recreation, Boulder County helps to ensure that critical wildlife habitats, farms and areas for recreation will be around for generations to come.”

Send letters to the editor:

Other contacts:

Varda Blum (Floodplain Administrator)
Peter Reinhardt (planner)

George Gerstle (Director, Boulder County Transportation
Tim Bilobran (CDOT- Region 4 Traffic)

Eric Lane (Director of Open Space)
Justin Atherton-Wood (planner)

Jeff Zayach (Director)
Gabi Hoefler (environmental specialist)
Pamela Milmoe (air quality specialist)
Joe Malinowski (Environmental Health Division Manager),

Elise Jones
Deb Gardner
Cindy Domenico

Harold Dominguez (City Manager)

Johnathan Singer,


SOSvv welcomes contributions via PayPal (note that a PayPal account is not required). Donations to our non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization are tax-deductible. Funds are used for operating expenses in support of our mission to advocate for the environmental protection and conservation of the geologically unique and historic St. Vrain Valley, and its healthy development for residents, wildlife, visitors, and future generations.

Advocate for the Hygiene bald eagles

Help protect the Hygiene bald eagle nest from gravel mining. Their nest tree is right next to the planned mining area. These photos, taken in the summer of 2017, depict the adults and their fledglings. The photos of the adult and fledgling in the field–feeding on a prairie dog–are right in the path of the proposed open-pit mine. Since revisions to their Eagle Rule, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service now almost routinely allows disturbances of these nests through their legal permitting system. They will likely do this again, without public notice or participation. With your voices heard, these wonderful birds might remain protected, unlike the Erie pair in 2015. Write an email to Boulder County Parks and Open Space. Please be polite! Tell them: no mining within more than 1/2 mile of this nest–ever–and no permitting for any kind of nest disturbance. AND no disturbance of the adjacent prairie dog colonies that these eagles depend on. Please send to (Eric Lane, Parks & Open Space Director), and cc (Land Manager for Martin Marietta);;;;; and

Spread the word

Bryce Bradford, Barn Swallow (CC BY-NC-ND_2.0)

Bryce Bradford, Barn Swallow, Hygiene (CC BY-NC-ND_2.0)

Visit our Facebook page, give a shout-out on Twitter (#sosvv), and talk about this with your friends and neighbors.