BOA Hearing Update

From SOSvv Chair Amanda Dumenigo:
The Board of Adjustment, BOA, did not overturn Land Use’s lapse in judgment regarding SU Permit 96-18. They failed to uphold the Five-Year Lapse Provision–ironically, yesterday was literally the 22 year anniversary to the day of Boulder County Commissioners’ first meeting to promulgate the five-year lapse provision stipulation in the Land Use Code. IT HAS NEVER BEEN UPHELD! We persuaded 3 of the 5 judges to agree to overturn the Director’s decision. Unfortunately, Boulder County Board of Adjustment has higher criteria than the US Supreme Court, and it is not majority rule. We won the popular vote not the electoral. Perhaps you’ve seen this before? We lost the battle, but we will win the war. The system is rigged and we will help fix it. We need your support more than ever. Please donate to our legal fund

Thank you to all the brave folks who showed up and stood by us! The room was packed! The public comment was powerful. 3 of the 5 judges vehemently advocated for truth, logic, and the community. Eric Moutz & Kari Stoltzfus: Thank you not only for having the courage to stand up for the law and the truth, but for all the valid points that you brought up.
Amanda Dumenigo, SOSvv, Chairperson

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