Board of Adjustment Appeal Hearing Postponed + Matching Donation Campaign

Dear SOSVV community,

The Board of Adjustment Appeal Hearing scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, June 6th has been CANCELLED, reschedule date pending. Boulder County Land Use Director Dale Case informed our attorneys, Ireland Stapleton, late yesterday afternoon that the BOA will not have a quorum on June 6th. We will update you as to the reschedule date as soon as we are notified. We hope that you will be able to stand with us then.

We are so grateful and excited to share that Van and Lisa Rollo have generously offered SOSVV up to a $5000 match donation in June 2018 to help raise $$$ for our legal fees against MMM. If our SOSVV membership or any other potential donors contribute $5000 between now and June 30th, 2018, the Rollos will personally match donations made $ for $. In other words, if we collectively raise $5k, the Rollos will also donations $5K in June. (If SOSVV is only able to raise $2.5K, then they will donate $2.5K, etc.)

We have our first face-to-face with Martin Marietta and their attorneys, and Land Use and their attorneys, at the BOA Appeal Hearing (reschedule time to be determined). We hope that you will stand by us and join us to show your support, and please support our legal fund now to maximize our efforts and the Rollos’ gracious contribution.

Amanda Dumenigo
Chairperson, SOSVV


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