Attend the Board of Adjustment Appeal Hearing on Wednesday, June 6th at 4:00 PM

On May 10, 2018, SOSVV appealed the Boulder County Land Use Director Dale Case’s long-awaited ruling on the 5-year lapse provision that SOSVV highlighted for the County’s immediate consideration in early 2017, after we learned of Martin Marietta Material’s mining plans from Land Use’s building site approval. The Director ultimately accepted MMM’s unsubstantiated Activity Log as constituting mining activity and ruled that Special Use Permit 96-18 is still active.

The Director’s extremely liberal interpretation of “activity” accepted weed remediation, prairie dog control, and administrative fillings as activity, and in lieu of decades of annual state DRMS reports where the Operator(s) declared that No Mining had occurred. SOSVV hired the law firm Ireland Stapleton, the law firm that defeated MMM at the Colorado Appeals Court earlier this year in Weld County.

We need your attendance on Wednesday, June 6 at 4:00 pm– at the BOA Appeals Hearing  County Courthouse, Third Floor, Commissioner’s Hearing Room, 1325 Pearl Street in Boulder, CO 80302 (“or at such other time and place as is specified in the public notice for the meeting.” SOSVV will update you if the hearing is not at the Commissioners Hearing Room).

We need to pack the hearing room. This will make an impression and strengthen our case before the Board. If you have something to contribute specifically on the five-year lapse provision and/or Director Case’s decision, please come early to sign up for public comment (limited to 3 min) .

The Appeal Hearing agenda is:

Director’s Presentation defending his decision on lapse provision – 5 min
Applicant’s Presentation- 15 min (Ireland Stapleton representing SOSVV)
Martin Marietta presentation – 15 min
YOU– Public Comment (3 min each– must sign up to speak prior to hearing)
Director Case’s response– 5 min
MMM’s response– 5 min
SOSVV response- 10 min.

Read the Ireland Stapleton for SOSVV BOA Letter of Appeal.

SOSVV Media coverage on BOA Appeal in the Daily Camera.

Amanda Dumenigo
SOSVV, Chairperson

Please make a timely, tax-deductible, online contribution to the SOSVV Legal Fund.

SOSVV Benefit concert at Planet Bluegrass
Thursday, September 27th

Stay tuned for upcoming details and ticket sales.



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