Statement from SOSVV Chairperson regarding Boulder County’s decision about the status of SU-96-18

Daily Camera: Boulder County’s 1998 approval of gravel mining east of Lyons is still in effect, land use director says

It appears that Dale Case, Boulder County’s Director of Land Use, and the County’s third party consultant hired to advise on the five-year lapse provision of SU-98-16 accept weed control and prairie dog remediation as constituting mining activity. The third party consultant states in his report, “I have not received documents or evidence of the stated activities. For the purposes of this legal opinion letter, I assume that the stated activities have occurred. The nature of the stated activities should be easily verifiable.” There are two blatant problems with this: 1. assuming is not adequate, and 2. taking the operator’s word is not advisable or adequate. We do not assume or trust MMM. We provided the County with FACTS, including 20 consecutive years of annual Colorado Department of Reclamation, Mining and Safety reports by the Permit holder, and each year they stated “no mining activity” under the state permit for the year. SOSVV, with the help of our attorneys from Ireland Stapleton, will be appealing Mr. Case’s decision. We are confident that truth and common sense will prevail. This is a defacto rezoning, incompatible with current and preexisting uses, with detrimental health, safety, and environmental consequences. While we are extremely disappointed by the County’s poor judgment, we are committed to ensuring that there is No Mining in the St Vrain. We need your help more than ever. Please donate to our legal fund, display your signs. Together we will defeat this threat, just as our neighbors in the CLR-34 group recently did in Weld County.

Amanda Dumenigo, SOSVV Chairperson


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