Community Gathering December 21

Please join us on December 21st at 6:00 at The Shupe’s Homestead for our next Solstice Community Gathering.  The Court of Appeal’s overturned a recent 2015 Special Use permit approval for a Martin Marietta mining project in Weld County based on it’s impact to residents. David Kisker of this Weld County community– (Motherlove Herbal Company, Indianhead West Homeowners Association, Inc., Rockin S. Ranch LLC, David Kisker, John Cummings, Gary Oplinger; Wolfgang Dirks, and James Piraino) is our guest speaker. David Kisker will share lessons learned and much timely insight relevant to our community’s goal for No Mining in the St Vrain. NIMBY– Not In My Back Yard– is not an insult, but a responsibility and an obligation; if we do not have influence over what happens in our backyard, then we do not have influence anywhere in our political system or environment.

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