Community FEEDBACK State Highway 66 (SH66) Future Planning Project

State Highway 66 (SH66) Future Planning Project

The notice below has just been sent out by the consulting firm that was hired by CDOT in September, 2015, to investigate the “issues” that exist along SH66. I have stated several times over, on this particular “chat” group, that something needed to happen – sooner than later. I have just spoken with Kelly Leadbetter at the consulting firm and have committed to her that “we” (that’s the “collective community”) would do our very best to send their firm CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms and suggestions. Please follow the link and read both the “Purpose and Need” and “Corridor Conditions Report” BEFORE sending in any comments so that you can more efficiently address the “issues”. This is “OUR” opportunity to begin to interact with CDOT, through it’s consultants, so as to allow the SH66 project to address all the important issues. We will be forming a small “investigative” group of folks who, hopefully, can consolidate ALL issues and present them collectively to the consulting firm, Boulder County and CDOT. To those that have recently expressed their concerns on “Nextdoor” – THANK YOU for being a part of “Our Community”!


The State Highway (SH) 66 Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) team would like your input! The project’s Purpose and Need as well as the project’s Corridor Conditions Report are now available for review on the project website, Thank you, Kelly Leadbetter, AICP Felsburg Holt & Ullevig 6300 South Syracuse Way, Suite 600, Centennial, CO 80111 Phone: 303-721-1440 | Direct: 720-200-8978 Email:


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