Community Meeting & Special Eagle Presentation by Dana Bove, Citizen Science

Save Our St Vrain Valley SOSVV's photo.

We hope that you can join us for our next Community meeting on Wednesday, September 27th at 6:30 PM at the Shupes Homestead, 11931 N. 61st in Hygiene, CO.

1. Presentation: Nesting Bald Eagles in the COLO Front Range by Dana Bove

Dana Bove is studying the behavior of nesting Bald Eagles in Boulder and Weld Counties. Following a rewarding career as a research geologist at the USGS, Dana spends much of his time taking photographs and learning about nesting Bald Eagles. His stunning photography will be shown during the presentation. His stories of these nesting birds and discussion about their current conservation status and well-being will be shared. (1 hour)

2. Discussion Topic: Highway 66

Hwy 66 is statistically the most dangerous road in Boulder County. There have been 5 fatal accidents on Hwy 66 this year. There have been 21 fatal accidents county wide for the year, Hwy 66 has 25% of all our traffic deaths. Update on opposition to adding 240 gravel hauling gondola trucks a day on to Hwy 66. (15 minutes)

3. Discussion Topic: Open Pit Mining – a Flood Risk

During the flood of 2013, it was discovered that gravel mining operations had altered the natural floodplain function resulting in flooding in neighborhoods downstream in the City of Longmont. Update on how we oppose more gravel mining ponds in the floodplain. (5 minutes)

4. SOSVV Chairperson’s Status Report

(10 minutes)



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