Dear George Gerstle,
As this letter is being forwarded to you I am again listening to fire trucks, police, and ambulances on highway 66.  It appears there is another accident near Mccall Dr. In your line of work accidents must be a constant. I am not sure what the solution is, but I am forwarding to you a letter written to some individuals in Boulder Countyregarding flood restoration and truck route.
Warm Regards,
Martha M. Sullivan

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: martha sullivan” <>” <>
Sent: Thursday, August 24, 2017 1:08 PM
Subject: SU 96-18
To Whom this my concern,
My concern is the proposed route using Martin Marietta’s existing access road to highway 66 east to 63rd street then south on 63/61st to A-Frame Pond and Ramey property. If  those large slow trucks are going to use the same return route they will not be able to enter back on Highway 66. They will have to turn left across the traffic, a 60 mile per hour road during extremely heavy traffic hours. They would be forced to stop in the middle of the road, turn left again, cross the traffic without the benefit of a left turn lane.  The only way the return route would work if possibly a stop light was there. I don’t believe the department of transportation would allow that. I live near and drive highway 66 and watch cars go around the right side, out of the lane, to avoid slowing down for vehicles turning left where there is no left turn lane. The many cars behind that swerving vehicle which in many cases are following to close, can’t see what is in front of them. All of a sudden they see a vehicle stopped 50 feet in front, as the car that was in front of them swerves onto the shoulder to avoid slowing down. Eventually one of the drivers are distracted for a second when the car in front swerves and rear-ends that stopped vehicle at 60 miles per hour. Equal weight vehicles will move each other in the crash, but a car will not move a semi. It is like driving into a brick wall. The Colorado Department of Transportation has recently authorized a study on this road because of all the accidents that occur. Where are the studies of your proposed route? How many people do you think will die because of it?
I’m sure it won’t take the truck drivers long to figure out this is a dangerous  return route. They will probably make a large circular route continuing south on 61st to Hygiene Road and take a right turn going to highway 36 where there is a merging lane and turn right onto 66 without crossing traffic. Highway 36 is extremely busy just as highway 66. At certain times the traffic backs up for miles. Potentially there will be  deaths if not at least injuries from a crash. This is not a case if this will occur, but when. Who is in charge of the highway impact study? Is it Boulder County , Martin Marietta, the St. Vrain and Left Hand Water Conservancy District, or the BCOPS or all of these entities? Someone will be held accountable for when these accidents and deaths occurs. Highway 66 is not the same road that it was 20 years ago. It isn’t the same road it was three years ago. A solid stream of traffic can be two miles long at certain times of the day. The other large trucks using hwy 66 turning further west at the cement factory, have special left turn lanes and entrance lanes to access highway 66 which your proposed route does not have. These lanes help prevent accidents. If nothing else the traffic speed limit should be slowed down to 40 miles per hour on Hwy 66 from N 75th st to Hwy 36.  
I propose you save lives and stay on the property! Why not just use a heavy piece of equipment and make a temporary loop on the flood reclamation property, going from where the debris is being picked up to where it is being dumped. It would probably  be less than a thousand yards. Access to the Ramey property would be as easy as driving down the A-Frame road to cross the dirt road, 61st street . That way the dump trucks can stay off the 60 mile per hour highways without stopping traffic, and still take care of the flood damage. This course of action might eliminate any liability issues in the future. Regarding Martin Marietta’s mining proposal, I would hope you are able to see the potential adverse impact on the area.  
Martha Sullivan

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