SOSVV August 2017 Newsletter

Hygiene Bald Eagle and 2017 fledging in the Prairie Dog field that Martin Marietta plans to mine. Photographs courtesy of Dana Bove.
Photograph courtesy of Dana Bove
Photograph courtesy of Dana Bove
Want to help protect our local Hygiene Bald Eagles? Please read this blog from Dana Bove about our Hygiene Bald Eagle nest and please answer the call to action, send the email (cc parties listed below), or use the template below. Not taking a stand, is a stand. The time is Always NOW. Caring is Sharing–etc etc  Going under the radar is the main strategy utilized by industry to suppress community’s interests and rights, knowledge is power, please use yours to protect our nesting eagles and two fledglings. All bald eagle nests in the Front Range depend on a prairie dog colonies for their survival. Five out of Nine monitored Bald Eagle nests in the Front Range have failed thus far in 2017. We can ensure that the Hygiene Bald eagles are protected with your timely help.

“The field here where these two learn to be eagles is planned to be gravel mined. This is happening in Boulder County, folks, at one of the most popular Bald Eagle nests in the Front Range. We can make a difference at a local level.  Please! just stop for a moment, and look at the map and the photos. The nest tree is right in, or at best, next to the planned mine. These photos [taken last week] of both adult female and fledgling. The photos of the adult and fledgling in the field–feeding on one of the prairie dogs–are right in the path of the proposed quarry!” Dana Bove

U.S. Fish and Wildlife (USFW) almost routinely allows disturbances of these nests through their legal permitting system. They will likely do this again, and they prefer to do this without any public notice or participation. They are used to and count on the public remaining in the dark. With your voices heard, these wonderful birds might remain protected.

Write an email and cc it to all these people. Please be polite. Mix up the words a bit if you wish to personalize, and please email it along:

To whom it concerns regarding Boulder County Land Use Docket Docket SU 96-18 (Hygiene Bald Eagle nest)

I respectfully request that you deny Martin-Marietta’s plans for gravel mining within sight distance of the Hygiene Road Bald Eagle nest in Boulder County. I ask US Fish and Wildlife to deny any current or future “incidental take” or “take” permit application(s) pertaining to the Hygiene eagle nest. Nesting Bald Eagles are still Federally protected. I am deeply concerned about the well-being of this nest, and both the parent eagles and young that depend on undisturbed foraging and the prairie dog colony in the fields where mining is proposed to occur.

Please File this letter in Docket SU 96-18
Email addresses to send to:

The man behind the signs: Meet Richard Cargill–his idea for an educational campaign via “NO MINING IN the St VRAIN VALLEY” road signs is revving up! Mr. Richard is also the Chairman of the SOSVV Board of Directors. But it’s not his first time at the St Vrain Valley rodeo– in 1999, he was part of the Watchdogs, opposing Cemex burning tires and along with other current members of SOSVV’s Steering Committee, including Don Lutter and Ric Breese, discovered and held Cemex accountable for air quality violations that earned the county millions $$ in penalties (from Cemex), and seven awards, including NACO (National Association of Counties)– which according to spokeswoman, Margaret McKinney, “these are the highest honors County government can receive”.
Barbara & Richard Cargill make their voices heard with a custom sign “NO MINING IN the ST VRAIN VALLEY, thanks to Don Lutter’s engineering. Pictured above with Jeff Bell (left to right).
Some members have followed suit– look for installed custom signs on HWY 66. If you have the space and want to order a custom sign, please contact us via our website.
Have you purchased / displayed your lawn sign? If  not, you can purchase them at The Purple Door in Hygiene, Redstone Liquors in Lyons, and soon at The Cheese Importers in Longmont, or order on our website. The signage campaign is a powerful way to express our community’s choice to preserve the St Vrain Valley and to exercise our community’s rights– freedom of speech and inalienable rights to a healthy environment. It is also intended to educate neighbors & visitors about this imminent mining threat that would otherwise go under the radar, and to affirm to the County that we stand united on this issue. It is a time-sensitive endeavor…and it’s impact is only as powerful as our strength as a community–more signs, more impact.  If you do not want mining in the St Vrain– say it loud, say it clear, & say it NOW.
If you missed the public hearing on the Flood Restoration before the Boulder County Commissioner’s on July 25th, 2017,  you could watch the lengthy proceedings (select July 25th hearing)– or read full presentation– here are the highlights:  SOSvv members introduced on public record, before the County Commissioners, Land Use Director, Dale Case, & BCPOS that there is an obvious conflict of interest in BCPOS and the District seeking permission and favors from Martin Marietta in Flood Restoration, while Martin Marietta is simultaneously asking the Director and Commissioners to approve the controversial permit SU 96-18. It seems improbable that Martin Marietta would altruistically grant such concessions to the County without expecting reciprocal & special consideration from the County Commissioners and Land Use Director.
Another highlight: Commissioner Jones offered to ban Martin Marietta from the open bid process for Restoration work due to obvious conflict of interest. That was quickly shut-down by the County’s attorney, Kathy Parker, in expected bureaucratic fashion. However, the Commissioners did pass a condition that if & when Martin Marietta and BCPOS arrive at an “agreement” for MMM to perform the 2013 Flood Restoration work, that a public hearing will be held, and we will be allowed to review and comment (instead of the plan being presented before the commissioners in a business meeting). *We will keep you posted on the date of such a hearing and hope that you will join us then.
On other news: Please look for our first ad in the next issue of the Boulder Weekly– Best of Boulder. A special thanks to our designer, Michael Robson, and to our anonymous donor that sponsored the ad. If you would like to sponsor our next ad, please contact us.

SOSvv Steering committee is meeting with CDOT and the County this morning. It was an SOSvv member that informed CDOT of Martin Marietta’s proposed mining operation and inherent traffic concerts, like up to 240 gondola trucks daily, one leave HWY66 every three minutes, and 6 trains daily through Hygiene and Longmont tracks.  The referrals to regulatory agencies, like CDOT went out when the permit was approved in 1998! Hence it has been our role to inform regulatory agencies as well. We will let you know what we learn in response to our questions. If you are on Facebook, please visit our page and “like” and share often. The latest news are posted on our page and website.

We hope to continue to raise awareness and expand our message to the whole of Boulder County, and need your help. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to SOSvv– no amount is too small. A special thanks to our donors that have stepped up with contributions towards our legal fund– There are many ways that you can help to Save Our St. Vrain Valley and protect our eagles from the comfort of your home.

Please endorse my letter response to Land Use Director addressing Martin Marietta’s response to five year inactivity.  Sierra Club has endorsed it and we are expecting other environmental group to join as well. This is a community initiative and your endorsement as residents and visitors to the area is integral. Simply reply to this email August 10th and let me know that you support our response and I will add your name to the undersigned citizens.

Amanda Dumenigo
SOSVV, Chairperson


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