Hygiene Bald Eagles under attack

Want some help writing to save the Hygiene Bald Eagle nest from a planned gravel mine? Here’s the text and all the emails. Mix up the words a bit if you wish to personalize, and please send it along.

To whom it concerns:

I respectfully request that you forbid, or in the case of Martin-Marietta, curtail plans for gravel mining within sight distance of the Hygiene Road Bald Eagle nest in Boulder County. Nesting Bald Eagles are still federally protected, and I am deeply concerned about the well-being of this nest, and both the parent eagles and young that depend on undisturbed foraging in the field where mining is planned to occur.

Email addresses to send to: julie.mikulas@martinmarietta.com
sandy_vana-miller@fws.gov kevin_kritz@fws.gov jatherton-wood@bouldercounty.org elane@bouldercounty.org boulder County Board of Commissioners <commissioners@bouldercounty.org> rhaigh@bouldercounty.org


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