Hygiene Bald Eagle letter campaign

Want to help protect our local Hygiene Bald Eagle nest from a planned 610 acre gravel mine by Martin-Marietta Materials? Please! just stop for a moment, and look at the map and the photos. The nest tree is right in, or at best, next to the planned mine. The photos (except for nest) are from yesterday of both adults and both fledglings. The photos of the adult and fledgling in the field–feeding on one of the prairie dogs that the adult just caught–are right in the path of the proposed quarry. U.S. Fish and Wildlife (USFW) almost routinely allows disturbances of these nests through their legal permitting system. They will likely do this again, and they prefer to do this without any public notice or participation. They are used to and count on the public remaining in the dark. With your voices heard, these wonderful birds might remain protected. Write an email and cc it to all these people. Please be polite!

To whom it concerns:
I respectfully request that you forbid, or in the case of Martin-Marietta, curtail plans for gravel mining within sight distance of the Hygiene Road Bald Eagle nest in Boulder County. Nesting Bald Eagles are still federally protected, and I am deeply concerned about the well-being of this nest, and both the parent eagles and young that depend on undisturbed foraging in the field where mining is planned to occur.
Email addresses to send to: julie.mikulas@martinmarietta.com
sandy_vana-miller@fws.gov kevin_kritz@fws.gov jatherton-wood@bouldercounty.org elane@bouldercounty.org rhaigh@bouldercounty.org boulder County Board of Commissioners <commissioners@bouldercounty.org>



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