Photo Description: Hygiene 2019 Juvenile Eagles in the Boulder Parks & Open Space land leased to Martin Marietta Materials under decades-old, Special Use Permit 96-18. Prevent the de facto rezoning of these agricultural fields to an industrialized zone with a deep pit gravel mine. Join us to protect the home and hunting grounds of these Eagles from industrialization, and protect our ability to connect with the wildlife in the St. Vrain Valley.

URGENT CALL to Action: Lyons Board of Trustees to consider requesting Boulder County, Cemex drop gun range bid!

Letter writing campaign–

Please support Mayor Sullivan and the Board Of Trustees make the right choice for our community and encourage them to

request that Boulder County drop gun range bid.

We do not want or need semi-automatic weapons, increased truck traffic, noise pollution, lead bullets in the St Vrain River, and harm to migratory and endangered wildlife in the area. A public shooting range does NOT belong in the least developed river valley in the Front Range. Please let the BOT know immediately as they are considering it for the next few days. Ask BOT to “Shoot It Down!”

We just shot down Cemex’s intent to extend their SU mining in Dowe Flats for another 25 years! We can shoot this down too.

We are waiting to hear District Court ruling on SOSVV’s appeal re Martin Marietta Special Use. This shooting range is 1/4 incompatible projects proposed in our community– the least developed river valley in the Front Range. With your help, we can cross this threat to our community off the list. Please act quickly. Let’s inundate the BOT with support encouraging them to write their official recommendation to Boulder County opposing a public shooting range in the St Vrain Valley.

Distribution List / Send your short email NOW to:

Connie Sullivan (csullivan@townoflyons.com)
CC: Dale Case dcase@bouldercounty.org, commissioners@bouldercounty.org, Eric Lane elane@bouldercounty.org, Barney Dreistadt (bdreistadt@townoflyons.com), Juli Waugh (jwaugh@townoflyons.com), Mike Karavas (mkaravas@townoflyons.com), Wendy Miller (wmiller@townoflyons.com), Mark Browning (mbrowning@townoflyons.com), Jocelyn Farrell (jfarrell@townoflyons.com), Michael Clausen michael.clausen@cemex.com


For the history of the shooting range proposal:

CEMEX: “Shoot it Down”

“In exchange for closing off nearly one-fifth of the 1.4 million acres that comprise Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests to recreational shooting, the Forest Service, Colorado Parks & Wildlife, & Boulder County, Larimer, Gilpin and Clear Creek Counties a.k.a. Northern Front Range Recreational Sport Shooting Management Partnership are looking to site several ranges throughout Northern Colorado to accommodate displaced shooters…

Boulder County has two potential sites for shooting ranges at the moment: an expansion of the current Boulder Rifle Club range in North Boulder…[or] a new range at the CEMEX quarry near Lyons…

Garry Sanfaçon, Boulder County Flood Recovery Manager & the Partnership’s Coordinator, says:

“Does anyone, when you propose a shooting range next to them, jump up and down?”

We certainly don’t– and for good reason: A public shooting range does NOT belong in the least developed river valley in the Front Range.

Sanfaçon & Partnership officials toured the CEMEX site with members of the BOT, Lyons’ Board of Trustees, and have had several conversations with the BOT, even though the CEMEX site is technically outside Lyons town limits, and even though CEMEX hasn’t signed a Letter of Intent to sell the property.

The BOT found that ‘regular gunfire may cause elk to abandon’ the meadows west of the site, and that mule deer in the area, which rely on the St. Vrain as their only water source, could be deterred from accessing the area. White tailed deer is also common in the area.

The BOT also determined that lead introduced to the environment through the oxidation of bullets could leech into groundwater. That problem is exacerbated because of the site’s historic use as a quarry.
‘As this site is an old quarry where the rock has been blasted & excavated, it is expected that the underlying strata has been fractured and will allow water to percolate into the groundwater table,’
the BOT found.

Sanfaçon says Cemex would have to remediate the property, a sandstone quarry, as part of a sale, and that the Partnership has had “good conversations” for several years with [Cemex] about transferring the site. It’s hard for the Partnership to address community concerns until a Letter of Intent has been signed, because the Partnership won’t
spend money to do necessary environmental impact and sound studies or financial planning until they’re sure they can get the site.”

Excerpts from 1/17/2019 article by Matt Cortina, Boulder Weekly.
SOSVV short video “shoot it down”

Do you live in Colorado? Do you oppose Martin Marietta’s proposed gravel mining operation in the St. Vrain Valley? Please sign our petition at Care2 Petitions! If you need a refresher on what’s at stake, have a look at SOSvv’s 2018 media kit, or browse the Background and Concerns sections of our website.

The agricultural open space and recreational opportunities in and around Hygiene and Lyons are cherished by many, but may soon be dramatically affected by an intensive surface mining operation, possibly lasting until 2033. A Special Use permit issued two decades ago would allow open pit mining in the geologically unique St. Vrain Valley, with the total area of the use approved at approximately 881 acres. Residents and visitors to the area would experience potentially serious health effects; the compromised availability and quality of water; environmental issues affecting wildlife and habitat; and community impacts such as traffic congestion from trucks and trains, as well as noise and light pollution.

Save Our St. Vrain Valley (SOSvv) is a community of concerned citizens. WE NEED YOUR HELP.  Please join us if you are:

  • A resident of Hygiene, Longmont, Lyons, or the vicinity
  • A commuter along the Ute Hwy (Hwy 66) or Foothills Hwy (Hwy 36)
  • A cyclist, runner, equestrian, birdwatcher, sportsman, or photographer
  • A farmer, rancher, gardener, or beekeeper
  • An ally for the environmental protection of Colorado’s Front Range

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For background on the current gravel mining site plan, see our page on Martin Marietta’s Special Use Permit.

Video by Amanda Dumenigo