Save Our St. Vrain Valley advocates for the environmental protection and conservation of the
geologically unique, historic St. Vrain Valley and its healthy development for residents, wildlife, visitors, and future generations.

April Update: Major Win for the St. Vrain Valley!

On April 1, 2021, the Colorado Court of Appeals issued a published Opinion confirming that Director Case applied an incorrect legal standard and that Martin Marietta’s alleged “reclamation” activities at the site along Highway 66 east of Lyons were not sufficient to have kept its special use permit for open pit gravel mining from lapsing. 

This is a tremendous victory for SOSVV and the St. Vrain Valley! 

Be sure to read the Daily Camera article about the significant win and the full Opinion can be accessed here. While we are pleased with this important victory, the fight continues – Martin Marietta and/or Boulder County could seek further appeals and, even if this Opinion remains unchanged, this matter will return to Director Case for further consideration of additional arguments raised by Martin Marietta.

Thank you all for your continuing support.


Your support of SOSVV’s relentless work to protect and preserve the St. Vrain Valley–the least developed river valley in the Front Range–is the key to reaching our goals. Over the last 3.5 years we have secured key campaign victories, and protected the Valley from an onslaught of industrial uses, and de-facto rezoning / spot zoning; campaigns holding Boulder County Land Use Dept, BCPOS, Aggregate Industries, Martin Marietta Materials, and CEMEX accountable to Special Use permit expirations, accountable to the residents, visitors, wildlife, and existing uses of the St Vrain Valley. Never before epic 2020 has community participation been more critical, sans community events, to our continued success. If you support our mission and value our accomplishments, please donate today. No donation is too small, and it will help fund our legal efforts (and boost our morale) to keep fighting for you into the new decade and beyond! We wish you and yours a safe 2021.


Amanda Dumenigo
Executive Director, SOSVV


*Defeat Martin Marietta Special Use 96-18 at the CO Appeals Court on March 2nd; preserving ~800 acres of Ag Land of National Significance, rare riparian habitat & marshlands, Bald Eagle nest in Project Area, migratory habitat, invaluable archeology, etc.

*Uphold the June 2020 landmark, Land Use determination applying Article 4-604C of Land Use Code, a.k.a. the 5 Year Lapse Provision, determining that Aggregate Industries (AI) 1990’s Fredstrom Mine has expired due to inactivity of permitted use, and thereby protecting ~300 acres in the Pella Crossing area, making history as this is the 1st time that Land Use has applied the provision, since it was adopted in the 1990’s, and unanimously upheld by the BOA five judge panel on October 7th. On November AI entered an appeal in District Court.

*Uphold Cemex’s Dowe Flat Mining permit expiration, and ensure that the Land Use Dept’s determination to deny Cemex’s request of another 25 years of additional mining (SOSVV 2019 campaign) is upheld.
(Check out our campaign Cemex: A History in the Making, pt.1)

*Register the archeological and historic sites in the project areas with the appropriate local and national registers / Campaign Outline:
1. Seek Protection Under the Historical, Prehistorical, and Archaeological Resources Act of 1973 C.R.S. 24-80-401 to 411
2. Nominate and obtain Boulder County Landmark Designation
3. Listing to the National Register of Historic Places (NHPA)
4. Listing to the State Register of Historic Places
5. Conduct additional archeological studies utilizing modern technology (beyond the “Class III Historic ’shovel tests’ performed as a condition for the SU in 1998), such as ground penetrating radar.

Please consider supporting SOSVV to protect and conserve the ecologically unique St. Vrain Valley by donating today and join us on March 2nd for the Colorado Court of Appeals hearing on Martin Marietta Materials’ lapsed permit. Want to do even more? Please sign our petition to oppose Martin Marietta’s gravel mining operation at Care2 Petitions! If you need a refresher on what’s at stake, have a look at SOSvv’s 2018 media kit, or browse the Background and Concerns sections of our website.

The agricultural open space and recreational opportunities in and around Hygiene and Lyons are cherished by many, but may soon be dramatically affected by an intensive surface mining operation, possibly lasting until 2033. A Special Use permit issued two decades ago would allow open pit mining in the geologically unique St. Vrain Valley, with the total area of the use approved at approximately 881 acres. Residents and visitors to the area would experience potentially serious health effects; the compromised availability and quality of water; environmental issues affecting wildlife and habitat; and community impacts such as traffic congestion from trucks and trains, as well as noise and light pollution.

Save Our St. Vrain Valley (SOSvv) is a community of concerned citizens. WE NEED YOUR HELP.  Please join us if you are:

  • A resident of Hygiene, Longmont, Lyons, or the vicinity
  • A commuter along the Ute Hwy (Hwy 66) or Foothills Hwy (Hwy 36)
  • A cyclist, runner, equestrian, birdwatcher, sportsman, or photographer
  • A farmer, rancher, gardener, or beekeeper
  • An ally for the environmental protection of Colorado’s Front Range

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For background on the current gravel mining site plan, see our page on Martin Marietta’s Special Use Permit.

Video by Amanda Dumenigo